Munting Hiling sa Pasko 2022

Bounty, one of the leading poultry integrators in the Philippines, recently concluded its donation drive program called “Munting Hiling sa Pasko 2022” last December. The program aimed to bring holiday cheer and support to less fortunate Filipino families and communities during the Christmas season.

Through the program, Bounty encouraged its employees to donate to its chosen beneficiaries, which include orphanages and nursing homes across the country. The company also collaborated with the local government units to ensure that the donations reach those in need.

The “Munting Hiling sa Pasko 2022” program received overwhelming support from our workforce, some donated cash, while others gave food, clothes, and toys. There were also those who volunteered their time and effort to help distribute the donations.

Bounty’s donation drive program is a testament to the company’s commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. It not only provided much-needed support to disadvantaged communities during the holidays, but it also promoted a culture of giving and kindness among Filipinos.

As we welcome a new year, let us all take inspiration from Bounty’s “Munting Hiling sa Pasko 2022” program and continue to extend a helping hand to those in need. Together, we can make a positive impact and bring joy to others, especially during these challenging times. #BeyondBounty



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