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Bounty Fresh X Momzilla Feeding Program 2022


Last December 22, 2022, we partnered with Momzilla, a leading online parenting community, to provide much-needed assistance to families in Dagat-dagatan, Caloocan, and Payatas, Quezon City.

The campaign, which involved the distribution of 100 packs of Bounty Fresh Mixed Shape Nuggets and 4,320 pieces of chicken fillet, aimed to alleviate hunger and promote the importance of proper nutrition in the communities and was part of our ongoing commitment to social responsibility and advocacy for the well-being of Filipinos, especially those in underserved areas.


The partnership with Momzilla was a strategic move to expand our reach and maximize the impact of their social responsibility programs. Momzilla, with its wide network of members and followers, is a powerful platform for promoting causes and mobilizing resources for social good. This partnership is also a reflection of our shared values of compassion and service to others and through this collaboration, we hope to create a meaningful change in the lives of Filipino families.


This feeding program in Dagat-dagatan and Payatas is just one of the many initiatives we have implemented to support the communities where we operate. Our programs on animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and education are just steps towards a bigger goal of building a better community.

This initiative has proven to be a powerful tool for social good, bringing much-needed assistance to families in our community and not only has it filled stomachs but also warmed hearts and inspired hope for a better tomorrow.

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