Bounty Cares Foundation 120-Day Feeding Program in Tarlac to Combat Malnutrition


In the face of an appalling situation in which 3 out of 10 children aged 0 to 10 suffer from malnutrition, the Bounty Cares Foundation took a proactive step to make a difference by launching the 120-Day “Feed the Kids” Feeding Program, aiming to nourish and empower young students at Sto. Niño Elementary School in Tarlac City.

The Campaign Against Malnutrition


With nearly 8 million malnourished children in the country, the need for action is critical. The “Feed the Kids” initiative is Bounty Cares Foundation’s response to this critical issue. It focuses on grade-schoolers aged six (6) to twelve (12) among the  ‘Severely Wasted to Wasted’ Nutritional Status enrolled at Sto. Nino Elementary School located in Bamban, Tarlac.


Increasing Potential Through Nutrition

The Feeding Program provides one nutritious meal per day to these young children. This carefully planned meal plan incorporates the essential “Go, Grow, and Glow” food groups, ensuring that each kid receives the necessary nutrients for their growth and development.

The program strives to empower and provide students with the strength and energy they need in their studies to explore and achieve their full potential by nourishing their bodies with balanced and healthful meals.

Progress Monitoring


To ensure the program’s effectiveness and make necessary adjustments, Bounty Cares Foundation consistently gathers data on the students’ progress. Age, height, weight, BMI, and health status are recorded bi-monthly. This data-driven approach enables the Foundation to further improve the program and adjust it to meet the specific requirements of the children.

Celebrating Nutrition Month


In celebration of Nutrition Month, the Bounty Cares Foundation also hosted an interesting outreach activity at Sto. Niño Elementary School. The event was filled with exciting games and prizes, creating a joyful and fun atmosphere for the kids. Additionally, the Foundation provided entertainment in the form of singing performances, spreading smiles and laughter among the students.


Together Towards Change

The compassion and dedication of the volunteers who prepare and serve the meals, the commitment of the parents to develop healthy eating habits, and the enthusiasm of the teachers to build an environment of growth and learning all contribute to the program’s impact.


Bounty Cares Foundation’s unwavering commitment to transforming lives goes beyond embracing a holistic approach to create a brighter and hopeful future and nurture an environment where young minds can thrive.


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